Important notice

Normal worship services and meetings are suspended until further notice due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Sunday worship services with protocols and safety measures will resume July 5th.


July 5th reopening protocols and safety measures

Welcome to a regathering at Huber Heights Grace Community Church

Matthew 22:37-39 “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.”

John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Scripture speaks frequently about love and how it manifests itself in the lives of believers. We are to love our neighbors—our fellow believers and anyone else that we encounter during our time on this Earth. Those who do not know Christ will recognize us because of the love that we have for one another. We are ALL ready to be back together, as a family, rejoicing, worshiping, and seeing each other again. But it will be different, at least for now. None of us enjoy mask wearing, sanitizer using, or “social distancing” however, we are truly loving each other as we take these precautions. We have fellow believers in our midst that, due to a variety of reasons, are considered high risk with respect to contracting COVID-19. We have other brothers and sisters who live with or care for people who are at an elevated risk. Others still, have a more acute anxiety of the possibility of being exposed to this very serious virus. We have the opportunity to show love to everyone, regardless of where they are on the anxiety scale. We can also demonstrate Christ-like love to our Huber neighbors or church visitors who will see us practicing, what might seem like to some as extraordinary and unnecessary, safety measures. Even with the following protocols in place, some of you may still not feel comfortable attending in person and that is OK! We understand and look forward to seeing you when you are ready! We will continue to provide you with access to everything that is available so that you can continue to worship with us remotely.

With that in mind we want to outline what coming back together will look like for a while at Huber Heights Grace Community Church (HHGCC).

Strategy for reopening

What we will not be re-opening at present:

  • No children’s ministries will be in session until further notice (Sunday school, children’s church, nursery). Children are encouraged to sit with their parents during worship services.
  • No adult or youth Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes will be in session until further notice. 

We will reopen with morning worship services on Sunday, July 5th at 10:15 AM using the following strategy:

We will use The Commons for the worship service.

Here is what this will look like:

When you enter The Commons you will notice safe spacing set up with rows of chairs used. There will also be spaces provided between chairs with some clusters allowing families to sit together in each location. Feel free to move just enough chairs to provide seats for your family, while still maintaining space from families near you. Please sit only in family groups.

Outside entry and exit doors will be propped open.

Guidelines for reopening

Because we are endeavoring to comply with CDC and the State of Ohio guidelines for regathering with a group our size, we are asking you to carefully practice the following:

  • Observe 6 feet of social distancing while in the building. If you want to fellowship, we encourage you to do so in the parking lot after church.
  • Wash hands/use hand sanitizer. They are available around the building.
  • Use of masks that cover both your mouth and nose (children under 2-3 years of age not recommended to wear masks) are HIGHLY recommended. Some will be provided at the door if you do not have one.
  • Singing with a mask on will certainly feel different but God will be no less glorified!
  • Take your temperature at home before coming to the services. If you have a temperature, out of love for others in the body, we would ask you to stay at home.
  • If you are ill, or have a compromised immune system, or are caring for someone who is vulnerable, we would encourage you to delay your return for your sake as well as the sake of others. (We want you to feel the freedom to stay home if necessary).
  • Sorry, but no shaking hands or hugging. We will wave hands instead.
  • There will be no printed bulletins or use of hymnbooks. Church announcements and sermon outlines will be sent through church email prior to services.
  • Only one person will be permitted in the rest rooms at a time.
  • An offering bowl will be placed at the rear of The Commons. Online giving will continue to be a convenient alternative to in-person giving. We will not be passing an offering plate for the near future.

The following limitations and guidelines on the use of our facility and ministry practice have been put into place:

  • The main church building, Commons kitchen, youth room, church offices, and nurseries will be closed for the present. No entry is permitted. Sorry, no coffee will be served on the premises for now but feel free to bring your own along with drinks for your children.
  • We are aiming for a one hour service. We ask that once the service has ended that you exit the building in order, starting from the rows closest to the exit moving to rows that are furthest from the exit. Please completely exit the building so that there is no log jam at the doors.
  • Worship team members and speakers will lead us from the stage, without masks but with adequate distancing from each other.
  • A copy of these guidelines and statement will be posted throughout the commons for easy reference.
  • The Commons will be cleaned and sanitized before each service.

In the meantime, we covet your prayers. This will indeed be an interesting phase, but it will truly be good to again be in the House of The Lord. Pray that God will use this unique situation to draw others to Himself and that our hearts will be open and receptive to His words for us. Paul, even in a dark, dirty, cold, below ground, jail cell, in chains, worshipped boldly, not for himself, but to the Glory of God. That is our focus.


HHGCC College of Elders