Online giving

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  • You may use a credit card, debit card or have funds drawn directly from your bank account.
  • You may set up a one-time gift or as a recurring gift.
  • You may designate where you would like your funds to go: general fund, missions, benevolence, etc.
  • If you want your contribution to go to more than one place just click Add a gift to another fund.

Please contact the church office if you need any help with this process. Once your giving is completed and processed you will get an auto-generated email from the church finance office stating we have received your gift.

This is not in lieu of any other options we have for receiving your gift. This is an extra option.

Please note that there are fees involved for the church and it is way less expensive for us to process a direct withdrawal from your checking account as opposed to a debit/credit card. Also if your finances offer the option of doing a payment once or twice a month as opposed to weekly that will save us and fees. Do not let the fees to the church discourage you from using this process. Statistics from other churches show that their giving increases 6% to 18% when they offer online giving.

Most of all don't miss out on the Joys and blessings of giving.

Online giving example
Online giving example